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CPCC Blackboard Login: How To Get Into CPCC Blackboard Portal

Central Piedmont Community College students should use this CPCC Blackboard Login instructional article to get a secure access into their accounts.

CPCC Blackboard Login is Central Piedmont Community College. The college has created an online portal for the benefit of the students. This portal is for helping out students for tracking their assignments, attendance, grades, fee, and structure. Thus, in short, this portal is an excellent remedy for students who are studying at Piedmont Community College.

Other than helping the students, this portal has also been beneficial for the students. They can use it to give instructions to their students about assignments or giving out grades. In this article, you will get to learn about the CPCC Blackboard login and how you will be able to register into the portal.

The college was founded in 1963, the year the North Carolina General Assembly passed the state community college bill. It is the result of a merger between Mecklenburg College and the Central Industrial Education Center.

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How to Register into CPCC Blackboard

If you are a new student at Central Piedmont Community College and want to take advantage of the online portal, you will have to consider CPCC registration. For this, you will have to follow the steps given below.

Go to the web browser and type in the address of the CPCC Login page or just click on

This will open a page where you will find the option ‘Create CPCC Login’. Click on this.

On the next page, you will have to enter the student ID number and birthdate. Put in the security image and click on ‘Continue’.

Next, you will have to fill up the personal details to register into CPCC.

CPCC Blackboard Login Steps

If you are logging into your account for the first time, you will just have to follow some simple steps. This is only going to take a few minutes.

Go to your desired web browser and go to the login page or simply click on

On this page, you will see the option ‘Login’. Click on this.

This will open a page where you will have to enter the username and password you created when you registered into the site.

When you are done, click on ‘Login’ to get access to the online account.

How To Reset Your Password

Many students tend to forget their passwords. However, there is no need to worry as you will be able to reset it with the help of a few steps.

Go to the login page.

Here, you will find the option, ‘Forgot Password’, click on this.

This will open a page where you will have to enter the username and click on ‘Submit’.

Next, you will be asked to answer two questions that you had set while creating the account.

After you answer it give the right answer to the question, you will be provided with the new password.

Now, you can log in with the new password to access your account.

How To Recover Your Username

If you do not remember the username that you have set for the CPCC Blackboard, you can retrieve it without any hassle. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

Go to the login page and click on ‘Login’.

On the next page, you will see the option ‘I forgot my username’ beside the username field.

On the next page, you will have to enter the Student ID and birth date. Also, enter the security image.

How To Contact CPCC Help Desk

If you are having some problems with the account and not being able to log in, you can contact the help desk. Go to the Help Desk Page where you will find the like ITS Helpdesk. Click on this to get the details on how to contact the helpdesk.

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