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Cuny Blackboard Login: How To Get Access to Cuny Blackboard

Are you looking for how to access your Cuny Blackboard Login using your CUNY Login credentials? If your answer is Yes then this article is specially for you.

Blackboard is accessed from the menu bar and from direct access URLs on campus websites. Access to Blackboard uses your CUNY Login credentials. If you have not claimed your CUNYfirst account on, you must do so before accessing Blackboard.

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Cuny Blackboard is a resource for online learning available to the entire CUNY community.

The Blackboard login is accessed through the CUNY Portal. If you are a CUNY student, faculty, or staff member, a CUNY Portal account has been reserved for you.

To access that account, it must be registered by creating a username and password. These credentials may be different from your campuses’ username and password.

Cuny Blackboard Login Steps And Procedures

There are two different ways you can use to access cuny blackboard: log in through the
CUNYfirst or log directly into Blackboard.

How To Log in through the CUNY Portal

In your web browser, navigate to

Click the Portal Log-in link

Enter your CUNY Portal username and password and click the Log-in button

Click on the Blackboard link

The blackboard elearn page will open with the Home tab active. Courses are displayed in the My Courses module.

How To Log directly into Blackboard

In your web browser, navigate to

Position the mouse over the Log-in link then click on Blackboard ( on the left of the page.

Enter your CUNY Portal username and password in the small window that appears and click the OK button

The blackboard page will open with the Home tab active. Courses are displayed in the My Courses module, on the right side of the screen.

How to Reset Your Password

Log into CUNY Portal and follow the procedures depicted below to learn how to change
your CUNY blackboard login password.

Go to cuny portal

Click the “Account and Password Reset” link

On the user validation screen, enter your last name (case not important), your 9-digit Faculty ID number (Social Security number), and your birth date. Click the Next button

Click Confirm if correct data is entered. If you made a mistake, click Cancel and re-enter your information

The Password Reset page will show you your username and the option to create a new password. Confirm the new password in the second field and click Save

Once you click Save, you will be redirected to the CUNY Portal page. Enter your username and your new password to access Cuny Blackboard.

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