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How To Change A Student’s Password On Edgenuity

Have your Edgenuity student password been compromised? Or you tried to login to your Edgeuity student account without success? Or you just want to know how to Change a Student’s Password On Edgenuity? Which ever you want to know, this post got you covered.

This article contains general information regarding changing or resetting a forgotten Student’s Password On Edgenuity. If you have an Edgenuity student account this article will help you to sign in to your account and also make some necessary changes to your account.

Can A Students Change His/her Password In Edgenuity?

The answer is YES. Change Educator (or Student) Password allows an educator to enter a new student or educator user password. A password reset email can be sent if the user account has an associated email address. Educators can establish a temporary password for users to log in. The user must establish a new password after log in.

How To Change A Student’s Password On Edgenuity

If you know your password but just want to change it for security reason follow the guidelines below and your password will be changed within minutes.


  • First of all visit the official Edgenuity Student Login page
  • When you get to their official page you will see many login options like, student login, educator login, Family login, SIS login.
  • To change your student’s account password click on STUDENT LOGIN. Clicking on student’s login will redirect you to a page.
  • Now click on “forgot password”
  • Enter your username and follow the instructions in your email to change your password.

How To Contact Edgenuity Customer Support

To get additional help, contact Support by calling 877.251.6662. This number is also listed on the upper right corner of the student’s homepage.

If you want to learn more about how to Change A Student’s Password On Edgenuity feel free to drop a comment below, we will keep in touch within few minutes.

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