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iCampus Registration | How To Register For iCampus

Follow this iCampus Registration guidelines to create an iCampus student account. Learners can easily log into their account once they have registered and from there, they can check their results online, admission list and carry out other activities.

What Is iCampus?

iCampus is an interactive student portal which focuses on using technology to automate daily services performed by academic and administrative staff.

iCampus is designed in a way that helps to meet the differing needs of institutions which are registered on the platform. The dynamic web-portal makes it easy for learners to log in and access relevant information from a central location. As a comprehensive school management system, it simplifies the way they carry out their daily tasks.

iCampus offers such services to users in higher institutions who are registered on the platform. Given the numerous benefits that this fantastic portal offers, little wonder institutions like Accra Technical University (ATU), and the University of Professional Studies Accra, among others, have subscribed to it.

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What School Curriculum Does iCampus Support?

iCampus is built to handle different types of programs within a single school, a school can follow an IB program for middle school along with IGCSE, but the application does not limit you to any specific curriculum. you can as well easily access an American, French, Arabic, Australian, or British system. Each module in the application covers one or more departments. iCampus modules also cover the HR, payroll, IT, administration, library, financial, and registration departments.

How to Locate Your Institution on iCampus

Every higher institution that is registered on iCampus is sure to have a link that will direct its students to the platform. To access the iCampus portal of your school, the steps to follow (for registered institutions) are explained below:

Visit the official portal of your institution

Once the page opens, locate and click on “iCampus” option to access the login portal.

From the new page that opens, fill in your user ID, and then, click on the “Authenticate” button.

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iCampus Registration Steps

For students who are visiting the platform for the first time, all you will need to do is:

Visit the official page of your institution’s portal.

Locate and click the “iCampus” option and a new page will open up.

Beneath the “Authenticate” button, you will find two options: “New Student” and “New Faculty”.

Click the “New Student” option and wait for a response.

On the new page that opens, you will be required to fill in your details to get registered. You will also be required to provide your identification number, a new password, and a functional email address.

You will also be asked to provide a security question that only you have an answer to. This is needed for security purposes, in case you forget your password.

Once you have provided the security question and answer, the next thing is to press the “Create Account” button.

Conclusion On iCampus Registration

iCampus has been designed to make it easier for the students to find the information they are looking for. It is easy to handle the account as it is user-friendly. You will find the different options listed once you log into iCampus.

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