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North Dakota Unemployment Login: How to Get Into Your Account

North Dakota Unemployment Login portal or Claimant Portal is the secure, self-service system you can use to manage your unemployment benefits account with Idaho Department of Labor.

The North Dakota unemployment login page at helps claimants file a claim online in the UI ICE system for state residents due to a job loss.

Insurance Internet Claims Entry portal is ran by ND Online Services as a means of completing applications for benefits over the website.

North Dakota Unemployment Login Steps By Step Guide

To have a secure access to your North Dakota Unemployment claimant account start by going to and entering your North Dakota unemployment login username and password. You must already be registered before attempting to log on.

If your sign in is not approved your account may not be activated. When this happens please call a Job Service agent at 1-701-328-4995 for help with your claim.

If you are filing a claim against Idaho, but live in another state, you may also file your claim online at or by calling (208) 332-3574.

Phone calls are accepted for login and North Dakota UI ICE questions that are not otherwise answered online or using the resources found on the bottom of the page.

A successful log on indicates your account is activated and ready to process a weekly certification, job application, or filing a claim for benefits.

Business owners will be required to have a unique North Dakota unemployment login for related services and tax accounting. Logins will work on all supported ND Online Services.

Before a claim is filed you will be prompted to determine your eligibility. Eligible state residents can proceed with their application after approval. Claims are to be filed the week you become unemployed and not are backdated.

Have your wage documentation and contact information ready to complete your application for benefits.

After signing in to the portal several options will be available to you. You may receive benefit payments direct to your bank account or issued debit card, reopen a claim, and download tax forms.

Forms include withholding forms for taxes, medical statements for certain residents, and retirement benefit information. Adobe PDF viewer will need to be installed to view any of the forms downloaded.

Your North Dakota unemployment log in will be needed to download any forms or make other changes to your account online.

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