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Portland General Electric Login: How To Make Your Payment

The Portland General Electric Login portal allows you to access and manage your account online. You can pay your bill, get outage info or check energy use with just a login. Life is busy, and Portland General Electric want to make it easier for you to do business with them. The PGE online account is the simplest way to:

  • access your account
  • pay a bill
  • report an outage and get updates
  • see how much energy you’re using

You can also sign up for outage alerts, “bill may exceed” alerts and more.

Not only that, but your Portland General Electric login makes it easy to stay connected with timely updates, information and more. With just a few taps, you can see how your energy use changes, make a payment, report power outages and more. PGE customers with existing online accounts can log right in, and new users can quickly sign up to access these mentioned features on the go:

How to Register For Online Access To Your Portland General Electric Account

If you’re a new Portland General Electric customer, you can sign up for online access to your account. It’s a fast and easy way to pay your bill, view your energy use and so much more. When you enroll in to PGE account, you will have a secure access to the following online account management tools:

1: Bill: Manage Your Account; Here you can check out your current bill, make a payment, review your account history, sign up for AutoPay, Budget Billing and even go paperless.

2: Outage: Portland General Electric Records Indicate Your Power Is… You won’t get caught in the dark again! Check your outage status, report an outage and view the outage map, all in one convenient location to keep you up-to-date on your power status.

3: Usage: Manage Your Energy Usage; Compare your bill history, understand your energy usage trends, customize your home profile, adjust your thermostat settings, and more.

4: Alerts: Keeping You in the Know; Stay up-to-date by receiving notifications around outages, when your bill is ready or due and more, all managed through your alerts section.

5: Notifications: Choose to be notified about bills, payments, outages, storms and more. But don’t worry – you’ll only receive the alerts you want to see.

6: Paperless: You receive your bill online and get an email letting you know when it’s ready. Going paperless lets you: 

  • Get a monthly email with your bill amount 
  • View your complete bill online any time 
  • View bills going back 36 months 
  • Avoid lost or misplaced bills 
  • Eliminate the risk of paper bills, which can be stolen from your mailbox, recycling or trash 
  • Reduce paper waste 
  • Support a sustainable, earth-friendly choice 
How to Register For Online Access To Your Portland General Electric Account

Portland General Electric Login Steps

Your username and password enable only you to use your Portland General Electric online service. Signing in provides an added level of security for your service. You can sign in using the unique sign-in username and password you selected when you registered for online access.

Portland General Electric Login Steps

To sign in, go to

  1. In Email, type the valid email address that you selected when you signed up for online account.
  2. In Password, type your password.
  3. Click Log In.

How To Make Your Portland General Electric Bill Payment

Everyone uses energy in different ways — and pays their bills in different ways. Explore the options below and choose which one works for you to make your Portland General Electric Bill Payment.

1: Online: PGE account keeps everything you need to manage your energy in one convenient place. Switch to Paperless Billing, track your energy use or make a payment online. Save time, save paper, save energy. Sign in or Register your PGE account to pay your bill, set alerts, track energy use, and choose budget-friendly payment options.

2:Pay with the PGE app: The PGE app for Android and iPhone is the simplest way to access your account, pay a bill, report an outage or get updates and track your energy use.  

3: Pay in person – no fee: Pay for free with cash or debit card at Western Union or CheckFreePay located in many major retailers near you.  

Have your PGE account number handy. Payments post in 2 business days. If your bill is past due, call Portland General Electric and provide the confirmation number to prevent disconnection or to get reconnected.

4: Pay by phone or mail: Use the Portland General Electric automated phone system to pay by card or checking account. 

Have your PGE account number and bank account and routing number handy if paying by checking account. 

You can also mail payments to: PGE P.O. Box 4438 Portland, OR 97208-4438

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