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SchoolDude Login: How To Manage Your SchoolDude Account

This is an information article published for those that either want to know about SchoolDude or want to know the SchoolDude Login and sign up process. We made this post for you so read till the end in order to understand every piece of it.

What is SchoolDude?

SchoolDude is a suite of software solutions for educational establishments and technology professionals. SchoolDude gives solutions to smoothen all operational areas – maintenance management, facility usage, technology management, and energy management.

The company’s solutions automate the work order process, track technology assets, make easy the facility usage scheduling, track inventory usage, and set preventive maintenance. Many of the solutions combine to offer a global picture of your organization’s operations, and improve communication with all units, students, and faculty at your educational facility.

What Are SchoolDude Benefits?

Below are the befits of Schooldude:

1: With more than 6,000 SchoolDude clients, the community is very large and designed for you to discover, contribute, and engage.

2: Find and connect with peers, friends, or someone new in the Community Directory.

3: Tell the community your thoughts and theories in Community Chatter.

4: Get your queries answered in Community Questions and Answers.

5: Join a Community Group that interests you.

6: Participate in Community Discussions around specific topics.

7: Read interesting blog posts written by community members or author your own blog. If you have a great idea, you can submit it in Community Ideas.

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How To Create a School Dude Account

If you are new to SchoolDude and want to create a school dude account kindly follow the information below.

Go to You can bookmark this page or create a shortcut on your desktop to make it easy to come back to this page later.

If you are submitting your first request, you must enter registration information first. Click on the down arrow () next to Never

Submitted a Request? Register Here! to expand the registration form. 

*Note: Your registration will be complete after you submit your first request.

Enter the Account Number provided by your Administrator.

Enter your First Name and Last Name, as well as your Phone Number and Email Address.

Type the Password you would like to use to log into your SchoolDude account and confirm it. The password you choose must be at least 6 characters long.

Click Register to go to the schedule request form.

SchoolDude Login Steps

To have a secure access to your SchoolDude online account kindly follow the instructions below.

First go to You can bookmark this page or create a shortcut on your desktop to make it easy to come back to this page later.

Enter your Email Address and Password. Click Sign In.

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password? link and enter your email address. They will send you instructions for resetting your password.

Dude Solutions Help Desk

Have more Questions? Contact Client Services
Phone: 1-877-655-DUDE (3833)
Email: [email protected]

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