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UAGC Student Login: How To Access UAGC Student Portal

Students use the UAGC Student Login page to access their online accounts. You can log into the UAGC Student portal to view your academic information, receive personalized communication, and use other self-service tools. Live chat is available on the main website also though you may be given the phone number again for calling support if they are unable to assist you.

If you are interested in their online self-service tools, I will take you through easy steps that will help you to access and manage your UAGC Student account online, if you are a first time user, you’ll learn how to register for online access to your account.

About The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC), formerly Ashford University 

The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC), formerly Ashford University, is an online university “operated in affiliation with the University of Arizona.

In 2020, Ashford University was acquired by the University of Arizona, becoming the University of Arizona Global Campus Zovio, a for-profit higher education corporation and Ashford’s former owner, is the campus’s online program manager. The University of Arizona Global Campus should not be confused with UA Global, the University of Arizona’s global school.

Access to the student portal is limited and is used for information of students, faculty, and staff only. Note the sign in process that is required to authenticate to your account with the online learning environment or email system.

UAGC Student Portal

The University of Arizona Global Campus students use the Student Portal as a self-service resource center. The Student Portal provides one location for students to access and print versions of their schedule, degree progress report, and ledger card; access additional learning resources; receive important information regarding the University; and connect with their advisors.

Online students also use the Student Portal to access the online classroom. Additionally, the Student Portal allows students to do the following:

  • Make payments online;
  • Use a GPA calculator;
  • Download copies of their unofficial transcripts;
  • View their financial aid award information;
  • Generate financial receipts; and
  • Receive important alerts and news regarding the University.

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UAGC Student Login Step By Step Guide

Global Campus website, Global Campus; provides students, prospective students, and the general public with up-to-date information about academic offerings, tuition, student experience and admissions.

As a self service resource website, you can use your UAGC Student Login at using Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari are also supported by the page.

Click on LOGIN and choose between the options below

UAGC Student Login: How To Access UAGC Student Portal

Type in your username and password in the boxes and choose the login button to be taken to your individual account. Your password is case sensitive.

How To Reset Your Password

If you find that you have forgot your password or your information is not working try the online tool at or call the university help desk at the 1-866-711-1700 phone number.

How To Contact the University of Arizona Global Campus

If you wish to contact the University of Arizona Global Campus for additional information, you can contact them by the following ways below.

The University of Arizona Global Campus Headquarters
8620 Spectrum Center Blvd
San Diego, CA 92123
(866) 711-1700

Conclusion On UAGC Student Login

This is all about UAGC Student Login and we have shared each important detail here which helps you to login or register your account at the UAGC Student online portal.

You can share your query with us on this website with the help of comments and we will guide you upon our experience, you can also check more login articles at our official site.

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